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CyberExpress IRC Home Page
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CyberExpress IRC is back:
Carissimi Gen, Volontari e Popi: Hello, big friends of CyberExpress! 
My e-mail address is changed AGAIN: update today your address book with

We made it! Interview to DAVID TOUVET, the CYBEREXPRESS CREATOR! We meet in IRC and you can read the whole discussion here!

You need a IRC client: It is a very simple program, that let you "talk" whit others people, by typing on the keyboard.

If you use Windows, try "mIRC". 

If you use MAC, try "IRCLE". 

visitors until now.

I set up two main meetings for each zone: a weekly meeting and a monthly meeting. I hope in the monthly meeting will be a lot of friends.
I are waiting your advises and contributions.
The new look!
I tryed to give these pages a old-monitor-style look. I made it just for fun, I hope you enjoy it.
What do you think about? Send me a e-mail, please.
Check the local time by the CyberExpress TIME ZONE.